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nursing pillow


& have a good night's sleep

Extremely comfortable and restful
for you and your baby during feeding and it supports your body a good night's rest.

A nursing pillow is very useful. You can use it to comfortably feed your baby, both with breastfeeding and bottle feeding, but it can also help you sleep, it supports your body so you get a better night's sleep.


Because the pillow and the filling are made of wool, the pillow breathes, it immediately takes on body temperature and is hypoallergenic. Wool fibers breathe and act as a natural thermostat that regulates body temperature? This ensures a stable temperature and keeps your baby dry and comfortable.


The unique ecological wool ball filling is quiet and well supportive for your body and that of your child. The wool has been cleaned and washed with biodegradable detergents and the naturally present lanolin (wool grease) makes the wool dust-free and therefore anti-allergenic.


nursing pillow & breastfeeding.


How nice is it when you can create a quiet moment while feeding your baby. Our woolen nursing pillow can contribute to this. Wool immediately assumes body temperature, is extremely comfortable and the pillow is whisper-quiet due to the wool ball filling. This way you can enjoy your child and the moment undisturbed.


If you feed your child more often a day, a good nursing pillow is not a luxury. It helps you with a good posture of your body so that your neck and back muscles are less affected.


You use the nursing pillow by placing your forearm on the pillow, as close to you as possible. Your baby's mouth should be as close to your nipple as possible. If your baby is properly latched, it can drink well from the breast. This ensures that the milk production starts well and your baby receives all the nutrition it needs. A good feeding position and good latch on also prevents sore nipples and other breastfeeding problems.

Nursing pillow & sleeping.

Not every woman feels the same during pregnancy. One sleeps well and the other often lies awake because of aches and discomfort. That is why it is often useful to purchase a nursing pillow during your pregnancy.


Our Nursing Pillow / pregnancy pillow provides good support to your body during sleep and rest, so that you get through the night better and can start your new day full of energy.

Wool nursing pillows breathe and act as a natural thermostat that regulates body temperature. This helps you maintain a stable temperature and keeps your body dry and comfortable.

Wool is warm in the winter and cool in the summer and
because wool cannot create a climate in which molds, dust mites or bacteria can thrive, wool is ideally suited for people with allergies. You do not have to wash wool as much, often a short airing is sufficient.


You use the nursing pillow by, for example, clamping the bottom part between your legs and resting your head on the top part. You put the middle part under your pregnant belly, so that your weight is better distributed. This way you will be embraced by the body cushion, and your back will also receive the necessary support.

beautiful pregnant woman sleeps comforta

woolskins nursing pillow & durability


Our nursing pillows are suitable from your pregnancy to the moment that your baby is already quite a bit bigger. The cover is made of 100% wool (produced by Alwero), the inner cover of cotton and the filling consists of 100% wool balls, which makes the pillow light and makes no noise.




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