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hygiene & quality

You want the best quality for your baby and you want to be informed as well as possible about the product and its origin.

Our lambskins come from small-scale livestock farms in Europe, where European regulations regarding animal welfare and environmental legislation (REACH-regulations) are closely followed. All our lambskins are selected and processed by us with the greatest care. Nature, hygiene and quality are of great importance.

Our Baby Basic wool products are specially selected by us with an eye for quality and comfort. They have a number of labels, including e.g. the 'Woolmark' and the 'Safe for Children' label. All our products are 100% wool and are produced in Europe.

Tip: Use the lambskin during your pregnancy. This way your body can relax and all the familiar odors from mommy can come into the lambskin. Such a safe and trusted feeling when you are just born.

Briefly about our coats ...

We like to keep our wool short! They are specially shaved to a short length so that no long hairs can get into the mouth or eyes or the nails get stuck in them.


All our Medical Grade (golden yellow) lambskins are machine washable & dryable and all our natural white coats are not.



Maintaining your lambskin is best done by tapping it regularly and brushing it briefly. This way you keep the lamskin in perfect condition for a long time.

We recommend that you wait as long as possible to wash your lambskin. This way all the good qualities of it will remain. Usually airing it outside is sufficient or in the case of a small accident wipe with a damp washcloth.




If you want to wash* your lambskin, you can do so with our Medical Grade (yellow/gold collered) lambskin on a 30-degree wool-fine wash program. For this we have a special ecological wool washing detergent with lanolin. You can also dry our Medical Grade Lambskin at a -low- temperature in the tumble dryer. *Washing your lambskin is your own responsibility

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Our sheepskins are Ecological. Their processing and treatment takes into account the environment, life of animals and plants. They are safe for children and adults and are biodegradable, or organic.

Woolskins does not sell sheepskins with Mulesing applied! Mulesing is not applied to European sheep (as opposed to Australian sheep, for example) because the parasite used by farmers in Mulesing does not occur in Europe.

We have a very extensive range of Baby-Care lambskins, handled with great care, and directly available from stock. We look forward to receiving your order!

Woolskins, a fair choice. You feel the difference.



Did you know that a sheepskin ...
Breathes and regulates body temperature.
Wool fibers breathe and have the property of acting as a natural thermostat that regulates body temperature? This will help your baby maintain a stable temperature and keep your baby dry and comfortable. It does this "dynamically," meaning it happens when it is needed, and not when it is not needed. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Contains lanolin. 
This substance is also found in human skin and is known for its disinfecting effect. It can have a healing effect on sensitive and / or irritated skin.

The risk of asthma decreases.
Recent research shows that sheepskins are very healthy for babies? The article states that when children sleep on sheepskin for the first three months of their lives, they are 79% less likely to develop asthma and allergies by the age of 6 (click for article) . This is due to the microbes naturally present in the coat.
Is hypoallergenic.
Because no climate can develop in wool in which fungi, dust mites or bacteria can thrive, wool is ideally suited for people with allergies.

Self-cleaning and resistant to bacteria. 
A sheepskin is resistant to dirt and bacteria and is self-cleaning? This is due to the structure of the fiber, which contains protein as the main constituent. It actively acts against bacteria and viruses that, if not, do not get the chance to multiply. Click here for more information about the maintenance of your coat .

Supported and relieved. 
Does it help against physical fatigue? According to scientists, this is due to the 3-dimensional built fibers that give natural bounce and softness. It supports our body and relieves pain, muscle pain and fatigue.

Creates a dry environment. 
It is the ideal aid for a good night's sleep and comfort. It helps relieve the discomfort of people with arthritis (inflamed joints), hip problems, lumbago, hernia and other ailments? The environment remains dry and relieves the pain directly caused by a moist environment.

Ideal for yoga and meditation. 
A sheepskin is ideal for the practice of yoga and meditation? It is very comfortable and regulates heat and moisture. There are even yogis who recommend a sheepskin, not only because of the perfect size but also because it insulates your own magnetic field (your aura) and neutralizes the magnetic radiation from the earth. This helps you immensely in the meditative process and keeps your body in balance.

Advances blood circulation. 
It retains body heat and promotes blood circulation. It protects the pressure points of the body, so that pressure ulcers (bedsores) can be prevented that often affect elderly, injured or long lying / seated people.

and finally...


Woolskins does not sell sheepskin with Mulesing applied! Mulesing is not used in European sheep (in contrast to Australian sheep, for example) because the parasite, which causes farmers to apply Mulesing, does not occur in Europe.


We have a very extensive range of Baby-Care lambskins, packed with care, directly available from our own stock. We look forward to receiving your order!



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